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Houlbrook Physiotherapy are running a new falls prevention rehab group based at Tattenhall Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic. The group will run in a block of six every Tuesday. Advanced session, 10am to 11am and beginner session 11am till 12pm. Along with exercises there will also be time spent at the end of the session learning how to prevent falls into the future.


This multifactorial approach is what sets Houlbrook Physiotherapy’s falls group apart from our competitors.


As stated by NICE in the quality standard: Falls in Older People


“Balance impairment and muscle weakness caused by ageing and lack of use are the most prevalent modifiable risk factors for falls. Strength and balance training has been identified as an effective single intervention and as a component in successful multifactorial intervention programmes to reduce subsequent falls.” 




Why is our falls group different from other keep fit classes?


The class is run and designed by a qualified Physiotherapist with years of experience diagnosing and treating patients who have had falls and the reasons for this. The National Institute of Clinical Excellence, NICE, doesn’t recommend group exercise unless it has been individually prescribed, which underpins Houlbrook Physiotherapy’s falls group, as each patient will be assessed before joining the group and set their own programme to work through. Our class will enable you to improve your balance and strength whilst working through the different stations. Each station is graded in difficulty so that it will suit your individual needs and challenge your balance.


Supervision in the group is with a qualified Physiotherapist, who as you improve over the length of the course will review you and where necessary progress you on to the next level. At the end of the six weeks you should be able to notice a marked improvement in your balance and confidence. However, if you would like to continue in the group then you are more than welcome as it can take up to twelve weeks to notice changes in muscle strength and you may wish to progress your balance and power further.

Price list

Initial 6 week block - £75 - Educational component, time for questions and refreshments

Subsequent Blocks - £60 – Time for questions and refreshments

Lower House Farm, 





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