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The NICE guidelines published in 2013 for Falls In Older People, estimate that falls cost the NHS £2.3 billion per year. A human cost which is far greater being pain, distress, loss of independence and confidence and in some cases mortality.

As we age our risk of falling increases and people over the age of 65 have the highest risk. NICE showed that 30% of people over the age of 65 and 50% of those older than 80 fell at least once per year.

There can be many causes for this, some medications can affect our balance, medical conditions can result in decreased strength that in turn leads to loss of function and balance. Confidence can also play a huge part and reduces peoples’ ability. Some patients do not want to be seen with walking aids due to the stigma, or simply don’t realise what is available, which can make them more unsteady and therefore more at risk.

At Houlbrook Physiotherapy our aim is to help you keep your independence and work with you to achieve your goals, whilst making you safer and more able through a personalised rehab program.

We will regularly re-assess you to make sure that you are improving and progressing throughout your treatment. We will be able to make suggestions for appropriate equipment to make life easier and safer and where necessary liaise with Occupational Therapists on your behalf.

Together we can reduce the chance of falls, reduce the fear and take control!


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