Asthma Review

Asthma has been in the news a lot recently and with this in mind I wanted to explore it in a bit more depth. Its often a co-morbidity that I see in a lot of my patients and one that I have recognised is not always being treated and managed appropriately. Whether this is due to poor diagnosis, follow up or even patient adherence to treatment.

Asthma UK have recently published their annual Asthma care survey, which has shown disparity between levels of care received in different areas of the UK, with two thirds of people not receiving basic care.

Younger people, 18-29, have been shown to receive the lowest

level of basic care, with elderly the greatest, 70-79. Another worrying statistic is that over two thirds of people admitted with an asthma attack did not go on to have a follow up appointment.

There has been a move towards patients using technology to help manage their asthma, with apps becoming more popular as well as wearable devices and booking online GP appointments.

81% of people cited colds and flu as the cause of an attack. This also casts an interesting light on the controversial topic of the flu jab for front-line staff and the CSP's move to back it being made mandatory for all NHS staff.

Asthma UK has stated that every one should receive basic asthma care; asthma review, an inhaler technique review and an asthma action plan. The national average is only 35% and here in the North West the average is 35.3%, stats that we should all aspire to improve upon.

More information can be found at the following link:

Over the coming weeks I'm going to explore what physio can do to help improve upon these statistics through treatment. Do you have anything that works especially well for you?


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