Spacers and why we should be using them!

I have been telling a lot of my patients to start using their spacers of late. Some people had them, normally tucked away in a cupboard and others had had them in the past but they had disappeared into the ether as they do. However they have been dug out or reordered on prescription and now they are getting used, which I feel is very important.

Its very easy when we get used to using something to slip into bad habits and an inhaler is no exception. Poor lip seals or bad timing can really affect the dose of medication that you receive, also with COPD or asthma it can be hard to breath in slowly and deeply enough to get the full dose. This is where the spacer comes in. You can spray the dose into the chamber and then breath it in from there, none of the dose is wasted and timing is no longer an issue.

The spacer slows the delivery of the medication which means that more of it will get to your lungs, rather than hit the back of your throat or top of your mouth and be wasted. This should make it more effective and also mean that you use less of your medicine as a result, so better for your purse as well!

Here's a great video by Asthma UK on how to use a large spacer with a single breath technique but there are more videos on multiple breath techniques and for the smaller spacers that are available at;

Its also important to keep your spacer clean and it's recommend that you should do this once monthly by soaking in warm water for approx 15 mins and then washing with a detergent. Take the spacer apart before soaking so it's easier to clean. Don't scrub the inside as this may affect it but you can scrub the outside if it needs. Leave it to air dry so as to avoid a build up of static that will affect the medication delivery and when fully dry store away.

If you have any questions relating to your spacer or want to know more get in touch.


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