Prevention is better than cure.

I've been reflecting on my week, part of which was spent freelancing with New Leaf Health, providing work place health checks. It is so beneficial for people to have this opportunity at work. I was able to see over the course of my day at Liverpool Museums that people were genuinely interested in their results, some people had been before and had made changes to their lifestyles that had completely altered their results for the better. Others had never been before, some of whom went away pleasantly surprised and others who now know what they need to work on to stay healthy. I was able to advise some people that they must make drastic changes to improve their health and it's for these people that the health checks are so vital. Life is busy and we all have the best of intentions that sometimes don't get realised, but having a check like this at work can be the gentle nudge in the right direction to get you to seek help and make those choices and changes become the norm. 

From a health care proffesional point of view we often see people after the event, when the time for change early on has been and gone and I can honestly say most of those people would be the first to say , I wish I'd made the changes before it was too late! Prevention is always better than the treatment, from a physical and psychological point of view. 

I think it's great that employers demonstrate such a rounded view of workplace health and provide these opportunities.  From a business perspective it's worth it's weight in gold if it helps to improve over all health and wellbeing. 

I know from a personal point of view that if I've helped at least one person make a change for the better then it was a success! 

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