Physio is all about goals, your goals!

So today my baby managed to sit for one minute unsupported, for all the physio's out there this is a well known goal, especially in Neuro rehab. I'm afraid even the family don't escape physio!

These small milestones are really important but what is even more important is the goals that patients want to achieve and I've yet to meet someone who says, "Jo i really want to sit for one minute unsupported!" However they may want to be able to sit and comb their hair, a task which requires the same balance in order to do. Some goals may seem impossible to reach but often its not the actual achieving of a goal, which is obviously amazing, but its the working towards, the journey so to speak, that is the most rewarding part.  

When patients start with Houlbrook Physiotherapy we spend the time to find out what those goals are and then treatment is based around how we can then achieve them. 

Call today and let us help you make the journey that will see your goals become a reality. 

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