Afternoon Tea at Cullimore Dutton

I was delighted to be invited for afternoon tea at Cullimore Dutton, not only did I get to promote the role of physiotherapy and Houlbrook Physiotherapy but I also got to enjoy the delicious sandwiches and cakes on offer. I don't know a physio alive who doesn't enjoy quality bakes! 

The glorious setting of The Friars garden certainly makes for a pleasant way to spend the afternoon especially on such a lovely sunny day. Randal Hibbert gave an interesting talk about his time with the company, with several amusing anecdotes whilst Tim Parker a Director with the firm was more than generous in his appraisal of Houlbrook Physio and the treatment that he's received which is helping make his goals a reality. 

More than anything I enjoyed chatting with a wide variety of people that were at the event, some of whom didn't know how diverse physio is and one who was an ex physio herself! It's always a pleasure to promote the profession to a wider audience. Physio is an unsung hero, especially when it comes to the older population and I'm more than happy to shout about it!

Use the below link to see the rest of the photo's from the day and find out more about Afternoon Tea at Cullimore Dutton.

Afternoon Tea at Cullimore Dutton Solicitors

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