Love Activity, Hate Exercise?

A little over a week ago the CSP, Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, launched it's new campaign aimed at improving peoples' health by increasing the levels of activity they do. A big part of the campaign is looking at what prevents people from being active in the first place and breaking down the negative connotations that they associate with exercise. You can get the benefits of exercise from the activities that you love, such as walking the dog, gardening even house work, not that many of us love that! It just has to be done regularly enough, about 5 times per week for a least half an hour. It's about picking things that you will stick to, rather than going out and getting all the kit only to have a go once or twice. Talking to your physio can help give you ideas of things that you might never try, dance or pilates for example. It's about your physio being able to help you make the change from inactivity to become more active and then increasing that as you get fitter and fitter.

There are some really great inspirational stories on the CSP website and I've included a link below to Sheron who suffered with sciatica and chronic pain and how she made the changes that has seen her not only reduce her pain but get fitter and reduce her risk of other health complications as well.

Over the coming weeks keep a look out for more inspiring stories as I will be updating the blog!

As part of the campaign Houlbrook Physiotherapy will be doing a promotion offer from today over the month of August to help as many people get active and make those all important changes. I'm offering 1/3 off the price of the initial assessment and a 25% discount on the subsequent 4 treatments.

What's stopping you? Get in touch today and make the changes that will change your life!


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