The importance of pelvic floor exercises!

I teach a lot of my patients pelvic floor exercises along with trans abs exercises to improve their core strength. There is however another reason for increasing strength in the pelvic floor and this is to help with incontinence. 

Rushing to the loo and particularly at night is a big falls risk and I've lost count of the amount of my patients who report having a fall in these circumstances. By working to improve the strength in the pelvic floor it can reduce urgency and incontinence problems. It does however take time to build up strength, often 12 weeks before an improvement is noticed. Sadly a lot of people become frustrated and stop doing the exercises in that time. This new piece of research adds weight to the physios voice when we tell our patients about the benefits. 

I strongly believe that all women who have given birth should be referred onto a women health physio as I believe it would prevent some of the complications that we then see down the line; incontinence, back pain, organ prolapse and some of the falls associated with incontinence which come with a myriad of other health complications and affects that can be far reaching both physically and mentally. 

My top tip is keep doing those pelvic floor exercises no matter what! If you feel you are having problems then ask your GP to refer you to a women's health physio or find one privately, it might be the best thing you do.

New research for pelvic floor exercises

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