Bringing back the sunshine ☀️

Today has been one of those days. My little van that I cleaned over the weekend  and was looking super duper broke down outside my second patients house. Making me late for the next and meaning my poor van complete with gym balls was abdanoned. Fortunately the garage could pick it up fairly quickly and i hope the balls are still in it! 

I've felt like I've been chasing my tail ever since, getting increasingly agitated and obviously unproductive. Just when I was starting to will the day to be over I checked my emails and saw that my son's primary school of which I'm the chair of the PTA has been successful in being accepted onto the Co-op community fund, which is fabulous, making all the hard work worth it. Then one of my lovely patients phoned me just to tell me that she loves her exercises and feels the best and most confident she has all year! 

What this all teaches me, is that even on the most frustrating of days there's always a something to bring back the sunshine.

I'm very lucky to be able to make such a difference to my patients lives, but I'm also very lucky to have such a lovely group of patients in my life also. Stay fabulous you lovely people!

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