Let's Go Green"

Today I went green and I was thrilled by everyone's generosity!

I decided to support Clatterbridge Cancer Charity as they do amazing work for the people in the North West, They are at the forefront of cancer care, providing state of the art treatments but also allowing people with cancer to get on with life, through the help of all the nurses and therapy staff and everyone else who works there. It truly is an amazing place. I have treated patients throughout my career with cancer and seen them in the various stages right from diagnosis through to end of life care, I'm by no means a specialist in this field but I have always been struck by the bravery and courage that these patients have shown, sometimes in the worst of conditions.

Cancer is so indiscriminate, it doesn't matter if you are young or old, rich or poor, we really are all in this together. Personally I lost my Grandfather to cancer when I was little and I still remember the night that he passed away vividly, He was treated at Clatterbridge all those years ago and was initially given a year to live after having a lobectomy and yet he went on to survive for a further 5 years. When I think of the many millions of patients who must have been treated at Clatterbridge since him, it's hard to comprehend the amount of people that will have benefitted from the care they received. In fact I don't know many people who haven't either been treated there themselves or a loved one or friend.

I hope that by playing my small part I can help the amazing care to carry on into the future, for generations to come. As I said we're all in this together and together we can beat cancer.

Clatterbridge is an amazing place and it's certainly worth shouting about and definitely worth fundraising for! If you would like to help me reach my target then please sponsor me via my just giving page on the below link.


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