We've gone virtual! Assessments, treatments and a FREE class!

The outbreak of Coronavirus has seen a huge change in the way we work here at Houlbrook Physiotherapy. Most of the patients we treat are in the vulnerable category of over 70 and as such, unless there is a need to prevent deterioration and re-admission, we are not doing face to face sessions. However where there is a risk of this, we are conducting thorough risk assessments and taking the necessary precautions to keep the patients that we see face to face as safe as we possibly can.

However what happens to all the other patients who have worked so hard in therapy, under our expert guidance to get stronger, fitter and have better balance?

Well this is where virtual treatments can help you to stay on track and keep motivated. We are all experiencing a wide range of emotions in these turbulent times and that is certainly the time when you need a guiding hand to help you though. That is why we are running a twice weekly strength and balance class that is free of charge to help people stay strong and motivated whilst they are self isolating at home. We are also offering a range of virtual treatments, either via Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype or regular telephone consultations. So if you feel you could do with a little help along the way then please get in touch. We are here to help! Check out the website for more information. www.houlbrookphysio.co.uk/virtual-treatments

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