Rehab during Respite at Tarporley War Memorial Hospital


Each patient is an individual and it’s essential that you get the right assessment and treatment that works for you.

The best respite rehab package

Houlbrook Physiotherapy is now able to offer physiotherapy assessment and treatment to all patients who are having private respite at Tarporley War Memorial Hospital.

Why should you consider rehab?

There are many reasons why people may have come to TWMH for respite, you may have had surgery, be on your way home from home from hospital but not not quite ready to make the full transition or it may be that your usual carers are going on holiday. What ever the reason we can provide an individually designed exercise programme based on your personal needs. This could be balance and strength exercises, mobility practice or chair and bed exercises. No matter what your level of ability you will be able to benefit from rehabilitation.

What should you expect?

The physiotherapist will assess you first to establish what your needs are. This will involve taking a detailed history and looking at what you can currently do, i.e. walking, getting out of bed or a chair. They will discuss with you what you hope to be able to achieve; this is what we call your goals. They will help you to pick both short term and long-term goals. You may not achieve those long-term goals within your stay at the hospital, but it will help you to have something to focus on and more importantly continue working towards once you go home. Please speak with the staff at TWMH to arrange for physiotherapy to commence when you book you respite break.


How much will it cost?

Initial assessments normally take between 45 minutes and one hour to complete, whereas subsequent treatments are normally 15 minutes to 45 minutes. The time spent will be recorded and invoiced at the end of your stay. Hourly rate is £60 and subdivisions thereof.


Can you get treatment once you go home?

If you would like your treatment to continue when you get home, then this can be organised with Houlbrook Physiotherapy who will carry on therapy in your own home. Please speak with the physiotherapist to discuss availability.

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