Respiratory Therapy

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In the UK lung disease is the 3rd biggest killer and costs the NHS and society £11 billion, according to the British Lung Foundation it affects over 12 million people in the UK.

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As a physio, I have treated thousands of patients for chest complaints and have a range of techniques and management skills at my disposal to enable patients to lead a better life. I strongly believe that timely treatment of chest complaints can make a massive difference to quality of life and prevent hospital admissions.

Houlbrook Physiotherapy can offer treatments for a range of complaints and we will be able to teach you manual techniques, breathing exercises and advise you on aids to assist with sputum clearance and teach you how to control shortness of breath through relaxation techniques, activity pacing and breathing control.


We will also be able to help you to manage the long-term effects of living with a chronic lung condition which can be debilitating and exhausting all at the same time. My aim is to empower my patients to live a fuller life and take control of their chronic condition.