Online Strength and Balance Exercise Group

Please read through the following and email the health questionnaire, that can be accessed via the below link to Once this has been received we will email you the link to join the group.


​This is a general exercise group that is designed to help increase strength and balance, we have made graded the difficulty of some of the exercises to cater for a larger group of abilities within the group. This means that there is plenty of scope to improve as you progress week by week. 

How long will the class last and will I need special equipment?

For your safety, when you are doing the exercise programme, please make sure that you have a suitable area for the exercises and that there is sufficient support for you to steady yourself with, a chair or kitchen work top is normally ideal for this. Make sure your footwear is comfortable and supportive, ideally you need a sole that allows you to feel the floor adequately but that also provides grip. Please make sure that there is nothing that you can trip over, rugs and pets are the worst offenders!

There are ten different exercise that we will be doing for 1.75 minutes each with a short rest in between. You will need a chair for the sit to stand practice, a firm cushion to stand on, a small ball to throw and catch, if you don’t have one don’t worry you can improvise with something in the home, a ball of tin foil, an orange, be as inventive as you like! You will also need either plastic cups or small jars, spice jars are ideal, for when we do reaching. Again don’t worry if you don’t have these in the house, be inventive, you can always put dots onto the worktop as long as you have something to aim for.

Will I have written instructions to follow?

We will email you written instructions of the exercises that we will undertake in the group, along with the zoom link and a spreadsheet for you fill in with your progress of each individual exercise. For example how many repetitions of the exercises you can do, how long you can balance with your feet together on the wobble cushion. When you complete the spreadsheet at 7 weeks please send us an email with your results, this will help to monitor your progress and enable us to make suggestions as we go along.

Forms can also be posted to Houlbrook Physiotherapy, Tikitere, Back Lane, Duddon, Cheshire CW6 0EY.

What if I feel unwell during the class?

Your safety is paramount to us at Houlbrook Physiotherapy so if at any point in the group you feel you need to rest then please do so, if you begin to feel unwell at any stage in the exercise class, please take a seat and make the physiotherapist leading the class aware. If the information that you have provided on the health questionnaire changes then please make us aware by email or telephone prior to the next class.